Hello and welcome to Zombiemonkie.com the website and home of  toy artist Mikie Graham.

My love affair with toys stared at an early age. As a child I collected and played with the traditional mass market action figures of the 80’s but as I grew older I began to realize the unique beauty that these “toys” possessed. In high school I could be found skipping class to hang out in the aisles of ToysR’us waiting for the new shipment of figures to come bursting out of their cardboard coffins. In 2002 on an extended visit to Japan I discovered the world of designer vinyl and art toys. Since then I have become an avid collector and customizer of unique 3D art figures.... as well as the mass produced action figures of my childhood.

Currently living in San Francisco and running an independent boutique “Five and Diamond” I spend most of my free time collecting and creating one of a kind toy art. I am constantly looking for a new projects and am always inserted in commission work.

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